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Calendard export problem in Outlook

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  • Calendard export problem in Outlook


    As I now have plenty of duplicate events in my Outlook calendar, I would like to export all entries [including duplicates] into a CSV... So that I am able to run some regex on that file to merge particular events [and therefore not loose individual descriptions of various recurrent events], as I was able to proceed with my contacts a few days ago.

    Unfortunately it seems that there is a bug with the CSV export feature for the calendar, as most descriptions are not exported. All events are indeed exported to the CSV, but it's not the case for their description... As if only one event of a given name was completely exported, whereas the other ones were exported without the description.

    I tried a lot of tests on Outlook 2010, and ultimately downloaded a trial version of Office 365, but the problem remains the same. I am currently not able to fully export my calendar [including duplicates] to a CSV. :-/

    Has anyone been facing this problem? Any clue would be greatly appreciated...


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    You should try these steps to Export Calendar from Outlook to Excel Spreadsheet:

    Click on “File Tab” >> “Option” >> “Advanced” >> Click on “Export” Button >> Select “Export to a file” >> “Microsoft Excel 97-2003” >> Select “Calendar” >> “Browse” your desired location & Click Next.

    Thanks & Regards
    Paul Hogan