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How do I merge two PST into single PST?

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  • How do I merge two PST into single PST?

    I am working on Outlook 2007. Due to some system issues I had to re installed Outlook , now I want to merge old PST to the new PST. How to merge two PST files? Another problem that I am facing is pop up screen asking for password again and again , I want to remove password. How can I do so?PLz help!

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    Re: How do I merge two PST into single PST?

    Open both in outlook and copy from one into the other.
    Alternatively, open one PST, select the IMPORT option in Outlook and then import the other, choosing what to do with duplicates

    Personally I prefer the first option as I can choose what to bring in, athough it will take longer
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      Re: How do I merge two PST into single PST?

      Hi Austin!
      In order to remove password from your Outlook account you can try below mention steps:

      1) From the menu bar click on "Go">> "Folder list"
      2) Then right click and select "Properties"
      3) Click "Advanced"
      4) Then click "change Password"
      5) Three fields will be shown - old password, new password and the last one -verify password.
      6) Fill old password, and leave rest of the fields blank., this would remove password from your account account.

      Now you need to merge old PST with the new PST, for this there are two possible ways:

      1) Manual Process: Although manual process is bit complex and lengthy one, let'c check it out:

      Step-1 Open Microsoft Outlook
      Step-2 From the File menu select "Import and Export"
      Step-3 From Import and Export wizard select Import from another program or file
      Step-4 Click Next and select Personal folder File(.pst), click on Next
      Step-5 Select PST files needed to be merge(* select option- Replace duplicates with items imported), then click Next
      Step-6 Now merge PST files in the current folder or to the same folder as according to your requirement
      Step-6 Click finish to terminate the process.

      If you want to trim the complex process acquire third party tool- [DELETED BY MODERATOR]
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        Re: How do I merge two PST into single PST?

        Hi folks,

        Thanks for your suggestion!!!

        I got to know about amazing tool- [MOD EDIT]. Works tremendously, you can combine Outlook contacts, emails, tasks, journals, to do list etc easily.

        [MOD EDIT]
        Funny how we get two new users from near identical IP addresses, one asking for help, the second recommending a commercial package, and the first then saying how wonderful said package is, even when the name was previously deleted. We call these users SPAMMERS, and normally ban them instantly, however I'm having a good week and being nice. Any more of this spamming and bans WILL be issued [/MOD EDIT]
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          Re: How do I merge two PST into single PST?

          one thing to note, there is 20GB limit on PST file, check the sizes before merging.


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            Multiple tools available to merging outlook pst files, you can use any third party tool. Last time I used [MOD EDIT] and found accurate result. You can also try Search [MOD EDIT] to merge your pst file

            [MOD EDIT - Links Deleted and warning issued]
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