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Outlook 2007 - How to delete a calendar that has delete option greyed out

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  • Outlook 2007 - How to delete a calendar that has delete option greyed out


    First of all let me say sorry in case I asked this question in the wrong section, but this one was my best option.

    I have a problem with a calendar in Outlook 2007 that just doesn't have the option to be deleted. It is greyed out, the same as the move or rename option. I am not one of those guys that takes everything for granted and I did my part of research like for at least a half part of yesterday and tried everything there was on the web regarding this issue but nothing worked.

    Client can see two calendars in the calendar menu, one associated with a personal folder(s) which users have for a higher storage capacity, instead of the smaller available one of the server mailbox, and another one associated with the server mailbox.

    Client will manually move his emails to personal folder(s) (this is what we agreed on) with the sole condition that he could see the appointments sent and received in the same calendar, the one on the server.

    In the past he had personal folder(s) set as default mailbox, so his emails would come to this .pst also any sent appointments/invitations would be saved/stored in the calendar associated with this personal folder(s) .pst while anything received, sent by other people to this client would appear in the calendar associated with the server mailbox.

    In the end, he only wants to have both sent and received appointments/meetings stored in the same calendar, and to only have one calendar displayed in calendar menu.

    After several tests and possible solutions taken from the web, the best we managed to do is to set the default to his server mailbox, all the emails will come to this mailbox and he will manually move them before mailbox limit reached, to his personal folder(s) .pst. Regarding the calendar, now he has both sent and received entries in the same calendar, the one associated with the server mailbox, ALSO set as default (I can see this both in data files and path to the calendars and also being the FIRST in the calendar menu - as I read they say first calendar is the default).

    The only left problem is that I still cannot delete the calendar in the menu associated with the personal folder(s), delete option is greyed out. If I delete the "data file" entry from Accounts Settings, it goes away, but there no more personal folder(s) either, and this is not a solution as we still need the actual folders.

    Is there any way to delete this calendar associated with personal folder(s), like for example a file or a registry entry that would not tie it to the actual .pst file so by doing this making only the calendar in calendar menu go away and still have the personal folder(s) present in mail section ?

    Thank You a lot only for reading the whole story, now if I also get an useful answer, mostly appreciated.

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    Re: Outlook 2007 - How to delete a calendar that has delete option greyed out

    Not a solution, but a workaround:
    Create a new empty PST file
    Copy the required folders to it (everything except the calendar)
    Delete the old PST

    It sounds as if something in the PST is corrupt so a new file would remove any risk of further corruption.

    You could also use the ScanPST inbox repair tool
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      Re: Outlook 2007 - How to delete a calendar that has delete option greyed out

      Thank you for your support Ossian, it did the trick, but doesn't this mean this is a bug ?

      It made me curious on how does Outlook really work with the personal folders, or what are the steps behind the "set as default" option. Let me tell you what I am talking about…

      I made as you said, I created a new personal folders .pst file from "data files" let's call it .pst(2), I moved the folders I needed to backup, folders with all my emails and info from the old personal folders (1), except for calendar, didn't touch that part.

      I used the "Close personal folders" option from right click selection on the old personal folders(1) even if selecting it and using remove from "data files" in "account settings" would do the same. Close the Outlook and open it again and you will see only a calendar, for the server mailbox file left as default.

      Now I have in my "mail window options" a server mailbox, set as default and the new clean with the backup emails personal folders (2). Now there is only one calendar present in "calendar window options", the one from the server mailbox. As long as you will ONLY receive emails on the server mailbox and if needed due to space or other reasons, move the emails to personal folders at this step, in our case personal folders(2), everything will work nice and smooth, you will only have a calendar, the server mailbox calendar which now stores both sent and received appointments and data.

      I wanted to see what and when this happens and it seems as soon as I set the new personal folders(2) to default, the whole process happens again, two calendars, no more delete option available on .pst, no matter if you set the server mailbox to default. At this step you will have another problem, the sent invitations and appointments are stored to personal folders, in our case personal folder(2) and the invitations and appointments received from other people are stored to server mailbox calendar. At this step you will have to use both calendars.

      So the process of setting a clean .pst file as default adds the calendar option which is normal as I see it because it becomes your primary mailbox so it must support all functions usually provided by such a service, but according to what I above explained it is not correctly implemented or something.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am in your dept and I thank you once more for the above workaround but something is not right, as for example in my environment this process and the whole settings are similar for the whole environment which is a lot more than let’s say 10+ computers.

      The problem for my user started from the fact that he wanted to have the same information sent/received in the same calendar, which is not possible of what I see if you use a “personal folders” as default. In this case the calendar associated with the server mailbox will only store the received ( from other people ) information, while any information the user will add for example an invitation to a meeting, will be stored on the personal folders calendar.
      Is this how it should work, or you suspect a problem on my computer(s) ?

      If this is how it should work, I guess the only way for a person to have only a calendar is to use the server mailbox as a default and a personal folders .pst which never had the “default” option set, as storage and to manually or use rules to move emails there from server, just in case for whatever reasons the email are not to be kept on the server mailbox. If by any chance you set the .pst to default even if for test or a short while, even if you revert back to the server mailbox being the default email data file, it is too late and you will already have multiple calendars., and then you have to re-do the whole new clean .pst file steps.
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