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Printing to a specific printer in OL2003

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  • Printing to a specific printer in OL2003

    I have a client who wants to have a seperate button in his Outlook 2003 that when depressed, prints an email to a specific printer, not his default printer. So in essence, in addition to the printer icon that is set to print to the default printer, he wants an additional printer icon that prints to another printer on the network.

    I have successfuly accomplished this in Word with a macro, but in Office it does not work. I have read other people looking to do this and also having the same issue I am having.

    There's something in the way that Outlook handles printing. I've heard people say "export to a word doc" and some other ideas, but that's hogwash. Is there a way to do this? Is there macro code that I'm not aware of perhaps? Has anyone been successful in implementing something like this in Outlook?
    Brandon Carder, MCP
    Advantek System Solutions, LLC
    Network Admin 1
    Phoenix, AZ