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Paragraph marks

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  • Paragraph marks

    i am currently having problems with my outlook i have 2003 outlook and i am connecting to exchnage 2003, not that that should matter.

    but i keep getting paragraph marks the backwards "p" symbol ad i cannot get rid of it.

    i have gone into the toold option and ticked and un-ticked the box paragraph marks and the ALL box but this hasent worked, i done this with all E-mails closed the settings definatly set, i have also done this in word too and this still did not fix it

    i also tryed the ctrl + shirt + 8 this did not work

    i renamed the "" file the word uses but still dident work

    so if anyone knows why this might be happening, or if you have any information that woud be great thanks

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    Re: Paragraph marks


    Please try this>>>

    1. Open Outlook

    2. New Mail

    3. Click onto the Fomat Text Tab

    There will be the same icon. Unchek.

    Let me know if this works...

    Thank You,,,,


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      Re: Paragraph marks

      its outlook 2003 ad it doesnt have that tab,

      that tab is in 2007, and the icon on that tab is the same as the one in 2003, it is just a show/hide button

      whic can be turned on or off with ctrl + shift + 8 or ctrl + *

      thank you for the reply though