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Romaing profiles and Outlook 2007/2010

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  • Romaing profiles and Outlook 2007/2010

    Hi there,

    We have a network with ~150 PCs. Most of the PCs are running Outlook 2007 however newer PCs are running Outlook 2010.

    All the users have roaming profiles enabled and some log into different machines.

    When a user logs into an Outlook 2010 PC and runs Outlook, the profile is "upgraded" automatically. If they then log in to a 2007 machine they are greeted with a message saying that the profile has been upgraded to a newer version. Outlook will then continually prompt for a username/password and refuse to work until the profile is deleted and a new profile created.

    This is obviously a pretty crappy situation to be in. Upgrading all the PCs to Outlook 2010 would cost a fortune.

    So we need to find another way round it, can we stop the profile from being upgraded or somehow make Outlook 2007 work properly with the Outlook 2010 profile?

    Surely this is a problem that other people have and a cynical person would think that MS have done it on purpose to give people a reason to update.

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    Re: Romaing profiles and Outlook 2007/2010

    You could downgrade all your Outlook installs to 2007. Or you could stop using roaming profiles. Use folder redirection and mapped drives instead. The last time I used roaming profiles was about 6 or 7 years ago and I recommend that you get away from them if you can. They're a big pain as you're experiencing.

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      Re: Romaing profiles and Outlook 2007/2010

      Roaming profiles are needed so that settings move about with PCs, not just the documents and desktops - these are redirected separately to reduce the profile size.

      Turning it off unfortunately is not an option.

      Neither is downgrading as approx 30 copies of Office 2010 are running, purchased with the PCs as OEM copies and I believe only the volume license gives people the rights to downgrade.

      I guess it is going to have to be a management issue of putting the different PCs in places where people aren't likely to switch between the versions.


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        Re: Romaing profiles and Outlook 2007/2010


        We have the same problem in our network.

        In order to "resolve" that problem first we execute a .reg file that eliminates Outlook profile from user registry and the open Outlook with /importprf parameter that reconfigure Outlook automatically. That parameter needs a .prf file that contains user's Outlook configuration.

        You can learn more about /importprf parameter on Microsoft site.


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          Re: Romaing profiles and Outlook 2007/2010

          this sounds like a good idea!
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