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Out of Office assistant question

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  • Out of Office assistant question

    Couple of user asked me this:

    The problem with out of office assistant is when some body is sending you an email when your out of office is on it will automatically accept the email in your inbox then will auto Reply your out of office text to the sender.

    But when people come back out of vacation then end up with 600 emails with out knowing if those people tried to contact some body else after they receive the out of office message..

    My question is: can we make like a little form or question YES /NO that. As soon the sender will send the email to a person that is out of the office the sender will receive the out of the office message + a pop up asking if he still want to leave his message in the user mailbox since the contact person is out of office and will not be able to reply to the email...

    do you guys have any idea we can do this ??

    (sry for the poor english french canadian BABY!)

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    Re: Out of Office assistant question

    I've never head of anything like this.

    Would it not be easier to ask the user to enter contact details to use in there abscence??