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Temporary internet files olk1 folder attachment problem

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  • Temporary internet files olk1 folder attachment problem

    Hi experts whenever i open and make any changes to an attachment in an email and then try to save the attachment i get this mess saying that its read only and i cant save it here click ok to save it in a different location,one thing i have noticed here is i see all my attachments getting saved in Temporary Internet
    files OLK1 folder which is not visible when i try to locate it even after show all hidden files is ticked. looks like outlook automatically saves all attachments to the OLK1 folder. When I try to get to the OLK1 folder from Excel for example, I
    can only see the path as far as "Temporary Internetfiles". The OLK1 folder isn't visible.
    how can i change this path so that all my attachments gets saved in a different folder which is not read only.
    i have to manually save the attached file to a different location make changes and then forward the file again which is time consuming.
    Solution to this problem should be such that i dont have to save the attachment everytime i want to forward,i just click on forward button and it delivers.
    Thank You

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    Re: Temporary internet files olk1 folder attachment problem

    I appreciate your question is very old and assuming you have not solved your problem but the way I work around it is to create a shortcut to the temporary folder for when I accidentally save to it. You can then Copy and Paste the amended file into your new message.

    To get to the folder in the first place you need to navigate to your Temporary Internet Files and then type in the "\OLK1" (note the name of this folder seems to be a little random and so you will need to check it - mine has been OLKC1 and OLKE) in the address bar.

    You can then use this shortcut address by using it as the target in a desktop shortcut which can then be added to a shortcut bar or the Quick Launch toolbar for instant access.