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    Hi all, i have problem with shared calender, hope u can help.

    i need to add to my bosses secretery both of the calender.

    enviourment :
    server : sbs2000 with mx2000
    clients : xp pro with office 2003 basic (with office 2003 sp2)

    i gave at there computer the rights to the secretery as an "owner" of the calender and at the secretery add there calender.

    the problem is the for one boss (lets call him "one") he add a box with a check box so she can see him or unsee him whenever she wants, for the boss "two" when i use "add a shared calender" he open it but does not add that check box.

    both bosses configured the same , and even if i delete boss one it still dont open check box for boss two, even though it open it and let me edit it.

    h E L p ! p L E A S e !