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  • Scheduling Resource

    Hi All,

    Whenever I schedule rescoure the resource comes up with //// no information available lines.

    How do I resolve this?


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    Re: Scheduling Resource

    Hi !

    Open a new outlook profile in your current PC for the resource Mailbox
    (i assume you have owner permissions on the mailbox)
    or logon to the PC using the user credentials mapped to the resource mailbox and then create the outlook profile.

    Make sure the properties for calendar publications are set (should be 12 months by def) but change it to match your org needes.

    Post one meeting on your calendar for a test and then do a full send/receive or wait some time for all the calendar items and data to sync...

    next thing should be using another pc/outlook profile to look at the free/busy data.

    Hope this help

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      Send a test EMAIL to the resource account

      I have seen issues where a given mailbox, be it regular user or resource account, is not initialized properly until you send a test message to that account to populate all of the permissions. Give this a try if you don't believe me:

      1. Create a new mailbox and check the permissions on the mailbox right away.
      2. Go into Outlook/OWA and send an email to this new mailbox.
      3. Go back to check the permissions on the new mailbox and you will see that the permissions have been updated.

      Send a test email to this new account to ensure the permissions are updated properly. You must also wait for the Free/Busy information to be updated on the server which is done every 15 minutes by default (Outlook XP). Hope that helps.