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  • Duplicate linked messages

    Hello all - I have an Outlook 2003 client user that I support that, about three times daily will receive a message that shows up in duplicate. It appears to be linked to "itself". Meaning, each message is highlighted, whether you double click the "bottom" or the "top" message, they both open the same mail. One of the two messages never releases its "closed mail envelope". Usually, the only way to get rid of the duplicate is to delete it and then, of course the message is deleted. Sometimes the user can simply close and re-open Outlook or forward the message and the mysterious link goes away, leaving them with just the single mail.

    This leads me to beleive it is some type of a caching issue, but it happens at TWO locations and on two different model/imaged machines. The user can log into OWA and the message does not appear duplicate or linked. The profile is NOT set up in cached mode. It is Exchange server, not POP3. We have deleted the profile, deleted the associated program files and what was left behind in the registry. Re-created the profile using a unique, new name and the problem still occurs randomly about three times a day. No common link that I can see. We have even "disconnected" the user's PST file in case it was that.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!