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Outlook 2003 updates damaging Outlook 2010

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  • Outlook 2003 updates damaging Outlook 2010

    Client has 10 laptops. Various makes/models, but all running Windows 7 and Office 2003. Updates are kept current using Microsoft Update - all security updates and service packs are installed...

    We recently subscribed to an Exchange 2010 Hosted service, and purchased Outlook 2010. It was installed on all 10 systems in the same way, updating the old Outlook 2003 to 2010.

    3 of the 10 laptops (so far) are still downloading Outlook 2003 updates from the MS Update web site. The recent Outlook 2003 Junk Email filter update replaces the outlfltr.dll and outlfltr.dat files with versions that prevent Outlook 2010 from starting up. I have to manually uninstall the update and run a repair install on Outlook 2010 to get Outlook to start.

    Tried the MS Partner forums to find a solution, and was given a registry hack (delete all the subkeys under this one...) but it didn't work. However, it did make me think that there probably is a key in the registry somewhere that shouldn't be there, that's signaling MS Update to install Outlook 2003 updates.

    Can anyone help me determine which key that is? I can't imagine what else I can do. Currently, I have disable the updates for "Other Microsoft Products: in Windows update, but am now missing ALL Office-related security updates, which isn't a great long-term solution.


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    Re: Outlook 2003 updates damaging Outlook 2010

    Wow, if there was ever anywhere I'd expect to get an answer to this, it would be here.

    Funny, I had forgottne about this posting until I tried again to resolve this issue - the unanswered posting came up as a Google hit.

    Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be...

    Thanks anyway.


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      Re: Outlook 2003 updates damaging Outlook 2010

      What about un/reinstalling?
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        Re: Outlook 2003 updates damaging Outlook 2010

        Tried that on another of the systems - didn't help. Not sure if it's because the MS Office uninstall script isn't very thorough or if it's something else.

        Going to pay MS for a support incident - wasted enough time on this already.


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          Re: Outlook 2003 updates damaging Outlook 2010

          There is a MS app that cleans out all the Office 2003 entries from the Registry. Will have look through my plethera and see if I can find you the link to it.

          If you are going to pay for a MS Support Call, consider purchasing a TechNet Subscription because you get 2 free support calls with it and 20% off any subsequent calls. Depending on where you are located it is possible there is a 28% discount on a new TechNet subscription. The subscription gives you access to a long list of MS software that you can download and play with and learn how to use it. Worth a thought.

          Bugger, this eraser app was for Office 2000 however I did find this.
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