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Deployment Scenarios for Outlook 2003

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  • Deployment Scenarios for Outlook 2003

    we just moved to exchange 2003 and we need to upgrade/install outlook on about 100 workstations.

    1. can you install outlook 2003 on top of outlook 2000 or you must uninstall first ?

    2. i heard that there is some kind of way to deploy the install of outlook much faster from a central location - any reference ?

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    Re: Deployment Scenarios for Outlook 2003

    Hi !

    Congratualtions on the Move - what took you so long ?

    As for Outlook, you dont need to uninstall the older version, OL2003 will install on top of it...although to a different local path but still it will remove the old referneces...

    There is a good thing about upgrading as it will save the outlook profile for each user, if you didnt change any of the server enviroment as well.

    The process of installing Office from a central point is called Administrative Installation, and i generally recommed this method for organizaions - it does require you to have Enterprise/Select agreemement with MS and have the appropriate media cd and cd-key - so it might not be suitable for every org.

    The process will allow you to pre-configure certain aspects of office, in general, and for specific office apps thus llowing you to set a standard for your company which means less hassle whtn trying to fix errors or treat issues with users.

    You can find more information on the MS Office Deployment Center home:

    Its a basic reading information i think all those who deal with deploying office should read prior to lab tests. Also search the newsgroups "cache" at google for some more related posts by myself and other members of the Office MS MVPs'.

    Hope this gets you started on the road to deployment

    Take care,


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