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Outlook 2010 Multiple instances

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  • Outlook 2010 Multiple instances

    Afternoon All. Hope this thread is in the right section.

    I'm currently implementing Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010. Our users are all in a Citrix Environment.

    I want to be able to give the users a chance to play around with Outlook 2010 before rollout as we are moving from an old version and I think they may find the new features quite confusing (the ribbon etc)

    My idea was to publish this application on one server 2003 and give all users access to it so they can have a play. Only problem being when the users launch the app it does the usual Outlook thing of trying to configure which they will find confusing. On rollout I will be doing this via a GPO. I just want the users to be able to launch the app and it goes straight to a mailbox or a local pst.

    My solution was to run the app as a user (outlook2010test) and configure the mail profile, configure the Terminal Services ICA-TCP connection to run as outlook2010test and "change the restrict each user" to one session to be no.

    This works fine until 2 people connect at the same time and the second user gets an error message about being able to open the pst (if the mail profile is setup not to have an email profile) or ost if I connect it to the exchange server (with or without cached mailbox)

    I realise that this probably isnt possible - I want to basically run multiple instances of Outlook as the same user on the same server but under different TS sessions.

    Any ideas???

    Cheers guys!

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    Re: Outlook 2010 Multiple instances

    deploy outlook PRF files.

    try this particular thread:
    or this

    and - if you have exchange 2007 or higher, autodiscover should just sort it out for the anyway. they should just need to click next and finish iirc
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      Re: Outlook 2010 Multiple instances

      Hi TehCamel.

      Thanks for your response.

      Autodiscover and the outlook prf files would have worked fine - but I didnt want the users to have to click through anything. I just wanted them to open Outlook without having to do anything.

      In the end I created 20 users in AD (outlook1, outlook2 etc), and then configured Outlook the citrix box outlook is installed on (right click run as) as each of the users to not connect to a mailbox.

      I then created 20 Citrix ICA files to autologin as each user and set the published app to only allow one connection as the limit.

      So if a user wants to open it and cant get into the first Outlook as someone has it open, they can go through the list.

      Not ideal - but it works and its only a temporary thing anyway which knowing our users won't even get looked at. They'll just get in one morning and find they have to start using Outlook 2010 - quite the change from Outlook 2000!