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FONT on emails

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  • FONT on emails

    Hi All,
    I m using Office 2003 and my problem is after working on word I think that I had made some change,now hen I try to use outlook 2003,when I made a new email or I replay email the font was very small.I had delete my profile and vreate a new one but no way,delete office 2003 and reinstall it but the problem still.
    the solution was to uncheck 'use microsoft office word 2003 to edit email message' in MAIL FORMAT.
    but it's temporory solution because as you now word help me to edit email.
    FYI: in my laptop I made a test I open onther session and I open outlook it was OK.
    thanks in advance

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    Re: FONT on emails

    I had solve this problem by deleting the profile.


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      Re: FONT on emails

      Thanks for posting back with your solution. Much apreciated.
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