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Outlook 2007: can't archive OST

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  • Outlook 2007: can't archive OST


    We have an Exchange server 2003 (SP2), and most of our user are running Outlook 2003 and 2007.

    We had a problem with the size of the exchange file, which was over 60gb, and if I am correct, the limit is 75gb, so I've started to archive in a PST some old mails.

    Everything works fine, except one mailbox, which my exchange server says it has a size of 4.6gb (6.7gb locally). I can't Archive. It starts, pass all folder, then archive no file, only folder name with no items. I tried to check for error with scan OST, I tried to compress the OST (Now it's 5gb locally).

    I don't know what else to do except exporting email folder by folder, or move email or folder one by one (which I don,t want cause it's too much work).

    Thanks if you can help me


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    Re: Outlook 2007: can't archive OST

    Exporting emails to an archive is not a solution. You should deal with the root cause either by upgrading to Enterprise edition or upgrading your exchange to 2007. Remember PST's over 2GB are not supported by MS and prone to corruption when they start reaching those limits.
    Additionally if you're going to export to an Archive this will be in a PST format not OST. OST is just an offline copy of the Exchange mailbox. You can use the native Mail migration wizard to do this, Exmerge or Outlook.


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      Re: Outlook 2007: can't archive OST

      Hi! Thanks for the reply.

      Actually, I know it will not create an OST archive. What I'm doing, I'm doing a years archive. I archives 2005 and before, then 2006-2007-2008-2009. It will limit the size of the PST to about 1 to 1.5gb per year (depends of the user mailbox)

      It I'm trying to to 2005 and before, but there is NO email moving to the archive.

      by the way, why I'm doing this? We are about to move to a external solution (Sherweb). We have checked the money we would save by using this. We need to upgrade the server hardware, exchange 2010, licence for the Server (upgrading to a 2008 server), and most ofimportant, the time I will spend configuring and working of it when there is problem.


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        Re: Outlook 2007: can't archive OST

        Depending how reliant you are on emails, do you have or considered a second xDSL connection for failover when the primary xDSL connect fails?

        Only mentioned because sometime one gets target fixation when concentrating on a single problem.
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