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Multiple email accounts sharing inbox???

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  • Multiple email accounts sharing inbox???

    Hi all,

    Looked pretty hard (MS knowledge base, Outlook help, etc) for a solution to this problem and thought i'd pick the brains of some fellow techies...

    I am running Outlook 2003 SP2 with 2 working POP3 email accounts. Problem is, is that even though I have 2 .pst files to match, Outlook will not allow me to change the destination .pst to match the email account. Essentially all mail, regardless of address is going to ONE inbox. Is this a bug or another Microsoft limitation?

    Thanks all!

    EDIT...I realize that this forum is meant for Outlook clients using Exchange server, however...I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks again.
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    Re: Multiple email accounts sharing inbox???

    You could setup a rule so that any emails addressed to the 2nd POP3 account go into the appropriate pst file.