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Move BCM shared DB to new server

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  • Move BCM shared DB to new server

    Hello everyone,
    inside my company we use a shared DB BCM 2007, installed on a Windows 2003 server.
    Clients are connecting to it by using Outlook 2007 and everything is working smoothly.
    Now I need to move this DB to another Windows 2003 Server, and from what I understand the correct procedure requires the installation of a fresh BCM DB on the new server (using the BusinessContactManager2007DatabaseTool), the backup from inside Outlook of the shared DB (thus creating a .sbb backup), and his subsequent restore on the new server.
    Unfortunately, if I open Outlook -> BCM -> Database Tools -> Manage DB -> Backup and Restore buttons are disabled.
    This happens even if I guarantee to Outlook user the DB Owner permissions on this DB.
    Needless to say, neither reattaching .mdf file nor creating new blank DB on the new server with the same tool and copying files from the old DB work.

    Someone has never been in a situation like this before?