Hi Guys,

I am pretty new to this forum, but starting with an important question:

I work in the IT department, and as in most IT departments, we are using "newer" stuff than the other users. So we, in IT, are using Office 2007/2010; our users are using Office 2003.
In our company we are using an share point server 2007, where we have a contact list with all user contact details and their face picture inside.

If I connect this contacts now to outlook (2007, as it is not possible to connect it to office 2003), everything is importet correctly except the contact pictures.
Afterwards, I export the contacts to a *.pst file so that I can import it manually to the users Outlook 2003.

But I would also like to have the contact pictures next to their details. Do you see any possibility how I could download also the pictures to Office from Sharepoint?

THX in advance