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Gmail problems using outlook 2007

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  • Gmail problems using outlook 2007

    I am using outlook with gmail IMAP account and I have two problem:
    1. I can't send messages with my gmail account, I configured all the settings like it should be like:
    imap 993 SSL
    smtp 465/587 TLS
    but nothing worked and I can't send any messages.
    2. I can't delete any messages from my gmail account. I know that I should delete the messages and then they turn into grey and a line crossing it and then I should permanently delete them but when i delete them permanently nothing happens and by the next syn they become black again and the line disappears and they become normal again.
    I noticed that when I delete a message in outlook it still appear on the gmail site and thats why when I sync my messages on outlook the message does't erased.
    Maybe the two problems that i have connected to each other? maybe outlook needs SMTP to connect with gmail to erase messages?
    I don't know how to solve these problems and I need your help. Maybe someone can help me?
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Gmail problems using outlook 2007

    Have you got the appropriate Ports open on your Firewalls (Router & Windows & Norton or other anti virus/firewall app)?
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