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Outlook 2007 - Exporting .pst files to a network share

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  • Outlook 2007 - Exporting .pst files to a network share

    Hi Folks

    Two questions so two separate threads.

    Under Outlook 2007, for archival purposes, we need to save a lot of emails in people’s mailboxes and personal .pst files to a network share. We had originally hoped that having them in a .pst file would be OK but we have been informed that the organisation handling the archiving cannot accept .pst files and would prefer that the emails be saved to a folder structure on a network share.

    Is there any quick way of doing this rather than one email at a time or folder at a time? People will obviously have folder structures within their .pst files and we would really like to replicate that folder structure on a network share with the emails contained within them in the .msg format.

    I know I can drag and drop multiple emails from outlook but you don’t seem to be able to drag and drop folders that are in the .pst file – they get created a single .xnk file.

    Is there any way to quickly export a .pst file out to a folder structure?

    Anyone have any ideas.

    Thanks in advance.