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Mail arriving late

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  • Mail arriving late

    Just been dealing with a strange call from a user...

    She was saying that she sometimes receives emails about 2 days later than other users. Fair enough, but the strange thing was that she says that when they do arrive they arrive in outlook in the day they were meant to and not in today (if that makes sense!) So suddenly she will have say 2 unread emails in yesterday....that doesnt seem right to me....

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Mail arriving late

    Is Exchange involved or is it POP3?

    Is she "always connected" or has to click "send/receive"?
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      Re: Mail arriving late

      Yep Exchange 2003....always connected (and nope no cached mode)



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        Re: Mail arriving late

        You say “sometimes”, so I'm guessing this isn't a persistent issue. Does it affect the same sender or group of senders? Or is there any pattern to it that you or the user can see?

        You could try looking at the header information of the emails involved to see where or if they're getting held up.

        You could also ask if their email is sorted by ‘received’ date or ‘sent’ date in outlook If there is a delay in the email being delivered, that would affect the ‘sent’ date and could cause the email to be labelled as ‘Yesterday’ or ‘last week’ in Outlook. Also, the wrong time/time on the senders PC would affect the ‘sent’ date as well.
        It probably isn’t the ‘Received’ date/ ‘sent’ date thing but it’s always good to rule something as simple out. Most likely, the email headers will show you the problem.


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          Re: Mail arriving late

          Check the tracking logs in ESM. This will indicate precisely "when" the email was recieved by Exchange.