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outlook Mail not sending

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  • outlook Mail not sending

    We are using outlook 2007 with Charter Internet Service.We can send our mail in Local Area to one id to one id([email protected] to [email protected]) but we couldn't send to Yahoo mail or Gmail from Outlook(e.g [email protected] to [email protected] or mail.We checked all configuration and settings but still we could not find the solution.
    So Please tell me proper

    Thank you
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    Re: outlook Mail not sending

    With "Charter Internet Service" you mean a ISP right, since you are in a Exchange forum you are using Exchange, correct so far?

    So tell us which version of Exchange, what connectors have you setup, which firewall are you using, who is hosting your DNS domain and so on!

    What error message are you getting while sending to yahoo or gmail?


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      Re: outlook Mail not sending

      Moved out of the exchange forum since Exchange hasn't been mentioned, and Outlook has.
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