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Removing 'From' field in Outlook 2010

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  • Removing 'From' field in Outlook 2010

    I am looking for a way to remove the ability for the user to change what account an email is replied from. As you know, Outlook 2010 allows multiple instances of Exchange connections so you can have several mailboxes from different Exchange servers open simultaneously. However, I want to disable the 'From' so that the user can only reply from the email address that the original email was sent to.

    I have hundreds of users and dozens of domains and I need a 100% foolproof way of restricting email so that it is only being replied to from who it was sent to - and from the correct domain. The problem is that we experience too much human error when we have one agent who checks 14 different mailboxes for different companies. I do not want the user to have the ability to click the dropdown and select a different email account.

    I loaded the Outlook 2010 ADM file but cannot seem to locate the field that was available in Outlook 2003....User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Microsoft Office Outlook 2003->Disable items in user interface->Enable (Mail item: View | From Field)

    In the 2010 ADM there is this...User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Microsoft Outlook 2010->Disable Items in User Interface->Custom->Enable (Disable command bar buttons and menu items). But I cannot find the correct command bar ID so I can disable the 'From' field. I've tried looking in the User Interface Control Identifiers but cannot find the command bar ID.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Removing 'From' field in Outlook 2010

    According to the Outlook MVP at the following link, you cannot remove this when using Exchange or have multiple account.
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