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Out of office, exchange and pop

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  • Out of office, exchange and pop

    I have got an assignment to fix 'out of office' for a client firm. Let me explaint the way the client is setup,

    They have an exchange server (2003) for internal collaboration. (calanders, contacts, etc) The mail server doesn't send or recieve any emails. Outlook 2007 is used as the mail client and it connects to the exchange server, mail is sent and recieved through the ISPs mail service using SMTP and POP respectively.

    Now here is my question, the client says that they used out-of-office and it worked and now it doesn't (I never saw it work, and logically it can't as mail doesn't flow through exchange), is this posible?

    Second is i tried to set up a rule to emulate this but when I try to enable the rule it says it can't add it as either the rule is not compatible with exchange or the server has no space, why is this?

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    Re: Out of office, exchange and pop

    I think it could be possible, but it depends on what you connect to.
    A normal one like hotmail or gmail, etc would not work, but a hosted exchange server will work.

    As for your current problem, did you allready installed SP 2 for Exchange 2003?
    And is there free space on the drive where the Exchange database is located?

    best regards,



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      Re: Out of office, exchange and pop

      Have you checked Outlook rules? They may have improvised with an Out-of-Office using that method. Do you know the steps they usually take to set the Out-of-Office?


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        Re: Out of office, exchange and pop

        Thanks there for the suggestions, I checked a few things and exchange server is on service pack 2 (v6.5 - Build 7638.2: SP2), its a SBS2003 server and the drive that the exchange database file is in has only 400MB free space so trying to free-up space on that, but is it possible for with this space to create one rule?

        They say that they used the 'out of office assistant' (tools>out of office assistant) and switched it on and off from there.

        I tried suggesting the rules method and created a small tutorial on how to do that (only the part of turning the rule on and off and editing the template) it looks too complicated they say. I tried to get vacation mail activated for them through the ISP which also looks too complicated for them. Its got to be simple like the 'out of office assistant' else they complain

        Any help will be greatly appreciated.