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  • Outlook Meetings Disappear

    Hi there

    Our CEO has an asistant which:
    1. Gets a copy of all his emails (email forward)
    2. Has Editor permissions on the CEO's Calendar

    Background details:
    1. Both using Outlook 2007
    2. Exchange 2003 Server
    3. Blackbery Enterprise Server 4.1 (Both have Blackberries)

    Problem Scenario:
    When the assistant sends the CEO a meeting request, he gets it and everything is fine.
    When the assistant UPDATES the meeting (she created), the CEO gets the update and everything is fine on his Calendar, however the meeting DISAPPEARS from the assistant's Calendar
    When the CEO accepts the meeting UPDATE, the assistant gets a meeting accetptance with a message on top: "This meeting is not in the calendar; it may have been removed or deleted"
    When looking at the CEO's Calendar, I can see that the assistant is still the Organiser of the meeting

    When trying to resolve this, I acknowledged this:
    1. When the meeting is updated from the assistant's Web Access, or in Online Mode, the problem DOES NOT occur
    2. The problem OCCURS when the assistant is in "Cached Exchange Mode"
    3. When I disabled the email redirection to the assistant's Blackberry, the problem DOES NOT occur

    1. Did anyone encounter a similar problem ?
    2. Does anyone know what are the differences in the meeting proccessing between: Online and Cached Exchange Mode ?
    3. Anway to try and investigate/check what causes the meeting to delete (Logs, Message Tracking ...)

    Any help will be gladly accepted