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2003 outlook problem

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  • 2003 outlook problem

    hi all
    before i got my confirmation in our company, i used to log in to the machine on the domain on a guest profile
    and access my outlook in default now as i am confirmed i can access the machine on my username on the domain but now when i access oulook, i cannot find any of my outlook files, the OS is XP pro, and it is an exchange server.

    how do i get my offline files back.

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    Re: 2003 outlook problem

    you mean you have loged on with user:Guest123
    and now you have a new user:test123
    and you open outlook and dont find your mail account configured?

    if the answer is yes.
    you have to configure your outlook to connect to your exchange server with the new user (loged in with the new user not the guest).
    and it should import your mails...

    and if you have created some local pst files with the guest account... just connect them to the outlook (loged in with the new user not the guest)
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