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  • Outlook Freezing

    Hi Guys.

    I have a user that has tried to send a 103MB file through exchange 5.5. The limit has been set to 4mb. However this is one of our local sites and is connected via a VPN so the email is sitting in their outbox and whenever you try and open outlook it freezes it.

    Is there a way like in exchange 5.5 to get into the queue folder to delete the file?


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    Re: Outlook Freezing

    In Exchange Admin, you can click on the server and on the right hand window you should have MTA (message transfer agent) if you double click it and click on the queues tab, you may be able to delete it from there.


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      Re: Outlook Freezing

      Hi there.

      Yeah i know how to delete it that way, but it is a remote site linked via VPN and it hasn't even got to the server yet, it is still trying to send it down the line.

      So it is on the client still in their outbox and is taking forever to come down the line. Due to the fact that it is 130MB.


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        Re: Outlook Freezing

        Have you tried OWA ? I know the 5.5 version is a bit "pants" but it should do the trick.

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          Re: Outlook Freezing

          Have you tried taking control of their mailbox, adding it to your exchange profile and then delete the mail in the outbox?
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            Re: Outlook Freezing

            what happens if the client machine is NOT connected to the network and outlook can, therefore not send and receive?
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              Re: Outlook Freezing

              HI guys.

              Each users has a PST folder setup on their local machines which all emails get downloaded into. So i can;t take control of their mailbox cause it would be rather pointless.

              I however find the solution to getting rid of the thing.

              All i did was ask them to disable the network connection and then go into outlook, they could then delete it thank heavens.

              Thansk for the help though guys.