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  • Default OST Path

    Hello all...need help on the above ^^

    Exchange 2003 SP1
    Windows XP SP2 > Outlook 2003 SP1

    We set a path for archive .pst's which was %SERVER%\PERSONAL\

    This is also the default for OST's. As outlook takes this path as FUKING GOSPEL (sorry)

    I removed this path from the GPO

    Outlook still looks for this path and dumps the ost file in the server share. This may not be a problem for some of you reading this but it completely removes the point of Cached Mode! If our server goes down then they cannot view their ost file...amongst other things.

    I have checked the registry entry on some of the users machines and the entry still reads %SERVER%\PERSONAL (etc)

    this is not set in a GPO anywhere so cant see why it is using this. but anyway,....

    How do i get round this? I have thought about a logon script to amend the registry entry mentioned above but normal users dont have access to change this value. And as its HKCU i cannot do RUNAS


    Hopefully someone can shed some much needed light on this and show me the way to an easy fix )