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Outlook reverts to former Exchange Server

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  • Outlook reverts to former Exchange Server

    We are in the process of migrating our users to a new Domain as well as new Exchange Server. Former Exchange was 2003 and new Exchange is 2007. I am seeing an issue which appears to be more prevalent as our migration proceeds. For some XP Workstations, following the migration the Outlook configuration reverts to the former Exchange Server. On the problematic Workstations, user logs in, opens Outlook and in the account settings the Exchange Server value is the FQDN of the FORMER exchange Server. I close Outlook, go into Control Panel>Mail and try to reconfigure the value of the Exchange Server name, and when I click the "Check name" button, almost immediately the Server name changes back to the value of the former Exchange Server. Have tried deleting the Outlook profile, creating a new one, even manually entering the appropriate values in the respective Registry keys but no joy.
    If I log in to the same machine as a new user, I can configure and connect Outulook to the correct Exchange Server.
    The only way I can "resolve" the issue is by copying off all the data under the user's Wndows profile, delete the user profile and have them log in fresh. We have a number of remote offices, several with 80+ users, and deleting and recreating their user profiles is not practical.
    It may also be worth mentioning, I can "fool" Outlook to connect to the correct Server by adding an entry in the local hosts file on an affected Workstation so that in Outlook account settings the FQDN of the former Exchange Server appears, but the client actually connects to the new Exchange Server. The hosts file entry resolves the FQDN of the former Exchange Server to the IP address of the new Exchange Server. This is not really a solution, just a workaround to avoid having the users work exclusively with Outlook Web Access.

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    Re: Outlook reverts to former Exchange Server

    It's acting like the mailbox is on the old server and the old server is still in existence. Is this not the case?

    If that is the case, I can't imagine that the hosts file trick would actually result in being able to send/receive mail.

    Can you clarify whether or not the old server is still online and part of the Exchange organization?