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Exchange working, but outlook can't connect

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  • Exchange working, but outlook can't connect

    I'm hoping for some suggestions with this one. I have a single server, win2003 setup with exchange 2003 (all service packs applied). Everything was working fine when I decided to reboot the server (It's a dual boot and I needed to check for some files on the other OS). Upon startup lots of services didn't start up properly causing some serious issues.

    I've started up most of the services that I recognize and exchange is mostly working. Sending a test email from an outside source does indeed get into the server. This is verified by the push out to our iphones and the webmail also is a way to verify the email was rec'd.

    But the real issue is that my outlook profile can no longer connect to the exchange server. This was done by using RPC over HTTP and again, everything was working just fine for months until this restart issue. Even the manual telnet test works. It's just the outlook profile (in cache mode) cannot connect.

    The 'Connection Status' window shows three 'directory' lines, all established using HTTPS. But no 'Mail' lines. They try, but I wound up getting a message that 'the server is not available'.

    Any suggestions.