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  • Outlook 2000

    I have a out look installed and connected to a mail account .
    when i send mail it appers in the "outbox" , and stayes there. somtimeit is sent after 15 min and most of the time it stays there. to send the message i have to double click on it ,it's open again ,and click send inside the message again and only then it is sent and appear in the "sent items".

    does anybody have a clue on how to fix the problem ???

    maybe i should install sp3 of office 2000 to fix it ?


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    Re: Outlook 2000

    Have you ever been able to send mail? Can you receive mail?
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      Re: Outlook 2000

      How is your mail setup??

      Do you connect to a LAN for mail or do you connec to a server on the web???


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        Re: Outlook 2000

        i can recive mail just fine and sometims i can send mail sometimes.
        i connec to a server on the web. but i don't think there is a problem with the server , because when i connect to the account using outlook express every think is working.