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meeting tracking not working with PDA?

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  • meeting tracking not working with PDA?


    Has anyone experienced a problem with the tracking tool when sending meeting requests?

    We are using MS Exchange 2007 SP2, and outlook 2007.

    We have a use who sends out meeting requests on behalf of her boss, and receives the response, but the tracking remains to "none".

    The last time that she did this, 3 had answered, but did not change the status. the answers were in the deleted items box, and the 4th was still in the inbox. that 4th one was showing as accepted.

    I suspect that this is due to the boss using a blackberry and having deleted the response from her phone.

    We also did a similar test, deleting the response from an iphone, and we seem to have the same behaviour.

    Can you confirm that I am not the only one to have this issue?
    Is there a fix to this?

    Thanks in advance.