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Microsoft Outlook Cant Start The Application Requird to Open this Object

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  • Microsoft Outlook Cant Start The Application Requird to Open this Object


    I've got a setup where an event is made within an exchange public folder (Set as a Calendar), and a file is then linked within the entered event. The attached file will be either a microsoft word document or an excel spreadsheet.

    There is an intermiddent problem where a user will click on an event and attempt to open the linked file inside, the file will not open and they will recieve the following error.

    "Microsoft Office Outlook can't start the application required to open this object. An error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning correctly. Would you like to repair this feature now?"

    Clicking yes to repair doesn't permanently fix the problem. There doesn't seem to be an consistency to the error either, you can click no to the repair and try to open the file again, and it will open perfectly.

    Some end users are using Outlook 2003 with Office 2003, while some are using Outlook 2003 with Office XP. I have confirmed that each version of Office has the latest updates and patches installed. The server is running SBS 2003, SP1 hasn't been installed yet, however Exchange has had Exchange SP1 installed.

    I believe this is an error to do with exchange, however the error occurs within Outlook so I thought the Outlook forum might be the best forum to post in.

    There is a Microsoft KB that relates to a problem with Symantec/Norton Antivirus installed, however none of the computers or server are running Symantec/Norton products. I did check the required settings/registry items listed in the KB to confirm that they had not been installed at some stage.