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Outlook 2003 rule won't forward to external email address

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  • Outlook 2003 rule won't forward to external email address

    • Exchange Server 2007 64-bit (by definition!), using Mailboxes (no PSTs), the previous server ran Exchange Server 2003 (32-bit);
    • clients on XP Pro using Outlook 2003 (converted very recently from Outlook 2002/XP)

    I have set up a Server-side Rule (real data changed!)

    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    sent to <user's internal email address>
    and received <after 23 January 2010>
    forward it to <external email address>
    except if from <external email address>
    or except if it is an Out of Office message

    but it never sends any incoming email to the external email address.

    It's possible to cause ALL incoming emails for the user to be sent to the external email address for that user by setting up a Mail Contact in Exchange Server Manager, and then the Delivery Options in the Mailbox's Mail Flow features, but that's far too inflexible, and requires me to go into ESM to turn it on and off.

    It may be irrelevant, but Cached Exchange Mode is in operation, and one of the side-effects is that it produces an OST file on the PC hard disk for each user.

    This sort of transfer rule worked trivially in Outlook 2002/XP, and I'd like to do the same in Outlook 2003.

    Has anyone any thoughts on this, please?