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Meeting request organizer address includes "mailto"

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  • Meeting request organizer address includes "mailto"

    Hello all, we're having a strange issue with meeting requests. When a user sends a meeting request from Outlook 2003 to any recipients using Outlook 2007, the recipient receives the request but the from field is mailto:[email protected]
    And so when the recipient wants to respond the request the response is sent to mailto:[email protected], therefore gets NDR stating mailto:[email protected] e-mail address does not exist.

    But when the sender and recipient both use Outlook 2007 the sender field shows the [email protected] mail address as it is supposed to be and everything is fine.

    Everything seems to be fine in "Message Options" -> "Internet Headers". From mail address, return-path and envelope sender are all correctly written proper addresses [[email protected] as in example]

    I compared both problematic and non-problematic requests there are only 3 different lines, one being the Outlook version line, the other states the content-language. The important one seems to be; Outlook 2003 adds an X-MimeOLE line but Outlook 2007 doesn't.

    I've been searching this for a while but could not find any similar issues or any workaround. I'd be very glad if i could be pointed to some solution. Thanks a lot.

    BTW; we don't use Exchange.
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    Re: Meeting request organizer address includes "mailto"

    Hello again;
    I've been communicating with MS about this. First they told me this could happen if i have the KB946983 installed, and i should uninstall it. But unfortunately neither i nor anyone else with this problem have this update installed.
    Then they wanted me to install Office 2007 Service Pack 2. But that didn't work either.
    I'm still in contact and waiting for their response.


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      Re: Meeting request organizer address includes "mailto"

      Official answer from MS country office after many trials and install / uninstalls; this is a fault "by design".
      When i did a clean Office 2007 install, the meeting requests work perfectly. But when i install SP2 on it [without any other updates] the problem presents itself. Now i'm instructed to install every update for Windows and Office. Then try again.
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