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Outlook XP - "default" configuration edit?

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  • Outlook XP - "default" configuration edit?

    Hi !

    I'm currently working on Outlook XP and having some problems with it (well, having some problem with the configuration imported long times ago actually).

    Configuration was made with a prf file, imported for every new users created in the domain. Though, configuration is now quite old and i would like to add some new options in it.

    Already had to do it with the Personal Address Book which was not present by default... Imported that (for all my users) with a pretty useful trick which deletes the [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Setup\ First-Run] key and add a [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Outlook\Setup\ ImportPRF] value.

    BUT! (yes, there is one)... this deletes most of the user config and... well, that's a problem

    Couldn't go back on that one once it was done, but i have to add something more now, again...

    People receive & send a LOT of (sometimes massives) messages, and they LOVE to keep them as long as they can (well, you know how it works). I would like to edit the archive default path which is at the moment something like "C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\blabla.pst". That setting is, unfortunatly, quite dangerous considering that my user have their profiles deleted during their disconnections (roaming profiles, here i am).

    I can't, of course, ask them to edit that value by themselves, that's way too dangerous and i'm sure that one of them will make an awful mistake (...)

    Already found a way to edit that setting with a PRF file (as explained earlier)... but i don't want to delete the users settings again ("i don't want them to whine at me again" would be more accurate *sigh*). Already tried with the Outlook XP GPO (which works for some others things) but it was a fail on that one (nothing changed actually).

    Is there an other way to do it ?

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    Re: Outlook XP - "default" configuration edit?


    Still looking for an answer (or an advise) on that one.



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      Re: Outlook XP - "default" configuration edit?

      Are you just wanting to relocate the Archive.PST file from the default location to somewhere on the C drive?
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        Re: Outlook XP - "default" configuration edit?

        would like to relocate the archive.pst to somewhere in their "My Documents" actually, directories which are located and shared on an other server "\\serverA\%username%\"

        Working on Terminal Servers 2003.