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Outlook Calendar will not open

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  • Outlook Calendar will not open

    Today I got three calls concerning a user that when he tries to open his calendar or when the other users try to view his calendar in Outlook 2000 (SP3), the processor will go to 100% and it locks up (not responding). I use Outlook 2003 and I can view his calendar. This user can view his calendar using OWA on our Exchange 2000 Std server (SP3).
    I EXMERGED this mailbox and attached the PST file to Outlook2000 and the when I try to view the calendar, it will lock up. I can still archive the calendar folder through Outlook2000. I performed an ARCHIVE to a PST of the calender for today events and past. I can open and view this PST in Outlook 2003. So I am thinking that it is a future event that is messed up. This user has a Blackberry ( so do I ) where we have The Blackberry server installed. (I think that is everything)..

    Is there a way to search out this bad information? Some util or third party app that can look at the calendar events and get rid of the bad one? Or are there steps to remove the calendar folder and have it recreated. Could I exmerge the calendar back in? or could get him to print out calendars through 2007 and rekeyin what he can ( or his secretary!)

    Thanks for any help