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Interesting Outlook 2007 Calendar issue

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  • Interesting Outlook 2007 Calendar issue

    I have a user who has duplicate Contacts and duplicate Calendars showing up in her inbox. The duplicate calendar had all of her original appointments while her original calendar had no appointments in it originally.

    Important to note that her default calendar is located in her deleted items folder. (She is also one of those users who believe the deleted items folder is for categorizing mail so we can't try emptying deleted items to see what happens)

    Whenever she recieves or makes an appointment it shows up in the calendar that is in her deleted items. She also can't see this calendar if she clicks on the calendar view and the only way to view it is going into the folder view and expanding the recycling bin.

    Any idea how to move the calendar out of the recycling bin and/or why this is happening??

    Thanks for any assistance!!

    --FischFra fixed this issue, see the below post--
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    Re: Interesting Outlook 2007 Calendar issue

    Here is what I would do:
    1. Export the calendar under deleted items into a pst.
    2. Delete the calendar under deleted items using shift + delete (if this is not working use mfcmapi)
    3. Start outlook with options /resetfolders and /cleanfreebusy (check with
    4. Import the calendar items from the pst into the the calendar of the mailbox

    And for later:
    5. Configure a policy in AD which empties the deleted items folder once Outlook is closed.
    6. Inform your user that this policy will be active within 2 weeks.
    7. Activate the policy at the end of the second week.

    None wants to work in a garbage can why does user want it in Outlook?


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      Re: Interesting Outlook 2007 Calendar issue

      Thanks FischFra! Your suggestions worked great, ran into a little bit of confusion using the mapi tool but it all worked out!

      Will definitely be implementing those changes into the GPO. Thanks again for all of your help!