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    I recently upgraded from Win XP to Vista (briefly) and then to Win 7; and from Office 2000 to Office 2003. All went fine but on two occassions over the past six weeks – for no apparent reason – Outlook went and “re-downloaded” all the mail that was left on my server (; POP3) and stored these duplicate messages in my Outlook inbox. In other words – Outlook downloaded all the previous mail that was on my server even though these messages were already in my Outlook inbox. On top of that, the first time it did this, the “re-download” was interpreted and so it started the process all over again and brought in duplicates of all the same messages up to five times ! Quite a pain as I have about two years worth of mail still on the server.

    I do not want to delete the messages that are on my server as it is a nice backup but I really don’t want to spend the time to delete all these duplicate messages again. Any ideas why Outlook is doing this ?

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    Re: Duplicate Messages

    When using POP3 the email client and the email server have to "agree" on which messages the client has. Sometimes this "agreement" gets out of whack. I would recommend deleting the Outlook profile (make sure you backup your pst file and NK2 file) and create a new Outlook profile.