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SYNC Outlook Exchange 2007 mailbox

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  • SYNC Outlook Exchange 2007 mailbox


    I am preparing disaster recovery. We do not use PSTS but only Exchange 2007 mailboxes. I want to know if there is software that synchronizes and backs up the whole mailbox from Outlook for Inbox, Sent Items, as well as contacts and calendar appointments. It would be ideal if I can do this.

    Please help

    thanks, Chris.

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    Re: SYNC Outlook Exchange 2007 mailbox

    You probably want to look into an Exchange aware backup program to backup the actual Exchange server. Synchronizing\exporting the mailboxes will not help you if the server fails, you'd have to rebuild the server, create all new mailboxes, and re-import all of the email.


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      Re: SYNC Outlook Exchange 2007 mailbox

      Thank you for the reply. I understand and have a third party 'Exchange aware' backup program for Exchange and it gets backed up everyday. I am looking to additionally synchronize these live mailboxes in outlook to say a gmail account so I can have it in two places for disaster recovery.


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        Re: SYNC Outlook Exchange 2007 mailbox

        Hmm, if you can't (or won't) use a server based disaster recovery method you can look into the powershell command export-mailbox. Might be the one you are looking for.
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          Re: SYNC Outlook Exchange 2007 mailbox

          What "live mailboxes" do you have in Outlook? You say you don't use PSTs so that only leaves OSTs which are on offline file. If you backup an OST to the "Cloud" then when you "import" them back you would need to convert them to a format where they could be used. It now seems to be getting a bit messy.
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