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Adding Shared Contacts to Outlook Address Book

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  • Adding Shared Contacts to Outlook Address Book

    Hi Everyone ..... I have an annoying little configuration issue I am hoping someone can assist with.

    We have Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003 clients, where UserA logs into their Outlook and adds an additional mailbox SharedMBX so they can access a shared inbox and also shared contacts.
    I have added UserA with Full Mailbox rights via Exchange Advanced tab of AD Account. I also give them Send As rights via Security tab of AD Account.
    This allows a User to see all properties of the mailbox but I am unable to see the SharedMBX's Contacts in the address book.
    I was given some direction to login as the SharedMBX and tick the option in Contacts to show in Address Book but this did not seem to have any impact.

    Perhaps I have the sharing in AD setup incorrectly or maybe there is something in Outlook I need to do ..... please help!