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Auto-reply using MS Outlook 2007

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  • Auto-reply using MS Outlook 2007


    I got a requirement to use Auto-reply for a specific account. I've created the rule using Rules & alerts option in MS outlook clicking Tools menu and Rules & alerts "1)start from blank rule. (1a) check message when they arrive. (2) where my name is in the To or CC box. (3) have server reply using a specific message . (4) Edit the message/subject "[Auto Reply]" in new window which opened after clicking specific message and click save & close". Now the account which i configure this rule start sending auto-reply to all senders.
    But one more requirement is to send auto-reply using the "subject" which contains in sender subject line. For e.g. with above configuration any email with subject line: "Test email" if the specific account is receiving it's sending auto-reply with subject line "[Auto Reply]" but the requirement is to send auto reply using subject line "[Auto Reply] - Test email".

    In Rule & alerts there is one more feature "Run a script". (1a) check message when they arrive. (2) where my name is in the To or CC box. (3) run a script.
    However the script to get the result is available "" But when i click on script I can't add or modify in the open window.

    I understand MS outlook & exchange is not designed as helpdesk software/application but just curious to know can be extended to some advance level.

    Appreciate your response to above query.