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Sorting issue with Outlook 2007

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  • Sorting issue with Outlook 2007

    This only occurs with pst archives...

    Go into Sent Items, sort by "To" or any other category for that matter (except date) and nothing changes. It only sorts by your own name and every option clicked changes it from descending to ascending (and vice versa depening on what was first). Sorting by date actually does sort by date but the others seems to not function.

    I figured because it is a pst that it may be corrupt so I created another pst file and it did the same thing. I also reset the views too but nothing seems to work. I also tried some other machines and along with a brand new thinkpad that got delivered earlier this week. No luck. It seems that the Sent Items folder in the 2007 pst doesn't sort properly at all. The other folders within the pst file sort just fine.

    Anyone else experience this and have a fix?
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