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Tentative Appointement Doesn't appear in client calendar

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  • Tentative Appointement Doesn't appear in client calendar

    The problem is this:

    When the secretaries invite attendees from the office, some of the attendees calendar doesn't show the appointment as tentative. I know for sure, that even if the attendee didn't accept the appointement as final, it should appear as tentative in the calendar so the secretaries won't overlap by mistake this appointement (their is 4 secretaries, that all managed users calendars).

    most of the attendees calendars works fine. The problem appear only with some of the users

    Does anyone know about this problem, i'll be glad to get some help.

    P.S: Their is one Exchange 2003 Server in the network. Some of the client outlook are 2007 and some 2003

    Thank You All
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