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Sharepoint Services and internet format of the shared contacts

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  • Sharepoint Services and internet format of the shared contacts

    Hello there...

    Here's the case
    I have setup Sharepoint Services 3.0 on a 2003 server for he use of share contact lists only.
    There is no Exchange or any other inhouse mail server.The mail server is on the ISP
    I have setup a shared contact list with about 950 contacts.I have linked the list to machines using Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. It works OK.
    Every couple of days a pdf is send to these contacts.
    The default mail format in every outlook is HTML.

    The problem is that when the contacts are "imported/linked" from Sharepoint they automatically set their Internet Format field as Rich text format in every contact individually. Unfortunately this setting overrides the default setting of HTML.
    The result is that when i send the messages with the attached pdf using the shared contact list the attachments appear as winmail.dat in every recipient not using Outlook.
    The solution is to change the Internet format of EVERY contact individually in the cahed data on every PC setting it as "Let Outlook decide the best sending format".
    As i said before we have 950 contacts and about 20 PC's using this shared list.
    Also only the Outlook 2007 PC's actually can save this setting. The Outlook 2003 PC's reset this setting at every synchronization with the Sharepoint. So this not a solution actually

    So what i am looking for is a solution to either:

    1. Force the Outlook to use the default format i set in Tools->Options overriding the individual setting in each contact.

    2. Change the default RTF format that Outlook enforces at every imported contact in "Let Outlook decide the best sending format", so when i re-import the list i have the "Let Outlook decide the best sending format" on all contacts.

    3.As last resort ,bulk change the setting on all contacts at every PC,and have them saved somehow on the Outlook 2003 machines.

    Best Regards guys!
    Any help is highly appreciable!!