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outlook 2003 signature

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  • outlook 2003 signature

    i work at a small organization we have about 100 users , all the users use exchange server for email ,
    but we have one user that every month or so his outlook signature disappears , instead his usual signature it becomes "none" all we need to is put it back to the original signature instead of "none"
    the signature is local and i tried create a new profile didn't work

    i'm desperate and out of idea's
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    Re: outlook 2003 signature

    Have you tested on a couple of machines? If they have been using the same one, I'd be tempted to repair Outlook and if the problem persists, reinstall.


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      Re: outlook 2003 signature

      i already tried to reinstall a couple of time's didn't help...

      but a couple of day's ago i've learned that it happens to more than one user

      it's about 8-10 users


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        Re: outlook 2003 signature

        We've had the same issue with outlook losing its signatures.

        We've been working on a fix for probably close to 3 years and still haven't found out whats wrong.

        We have found out that a specific SOE version caused this when office was upgraded from 2003 to 2003 so we skipped that one and recreated it with 2003 fresh.