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Problem after archiving huge (6GB) mailbox.

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  • Problem after archiving huge (6GB) mailbox.

    finally I persuaded a VIP to archive his mailbox that grew up to 6GB.

    I have couple of issues and related questioins.

    1. After archiving Inbox up to Jan 1 2008 there are items in both archive and Inbox dated 2005 2006 2007.

    Why it happend?
    What is a workaround to have all archived period in archive?

    2. When we checked e-mails in Inbox that suppose to be archived we found some of them with weird content in body of the message that the user declare and remember that it was valid and absolutely readable message?
    SEE BELOW the message.

    Hard to believe that archiving could cause wiping out the body and replace it by something may be related toIMF that was enabled at a time.

    Could archiving cause this problem?
    Is the content below related to IMF ?
    Also, it looks like it is just about removed attachment. And it stays in Inbox not goes to archive.

    REMOVED_BY_THE_EXCHANGE_EMAIL_SCANNING_SERVICE_008 BC5E7_55E9F026D000000GUID::= ba4f6d76-f2db-48c8-b820-b99e6c057b09PATH::= !CRYPT!84006BA448C647ED774D921216C94A261647C8DB6A4 984308A4808834E2B39DC9A20F5573A57737362072982AFCAE 4905F26FEE1DD63489DD2374C73A03216762B74A180746!840 70BB6068F5DECE7801CA88D88B20C099E76EFF91D077259243 E4E1402242B945F9B0554044381E28533F9A330F06110580C4 1BF03208E2E6E278E724F72F404B3E1B7849!840D85601F4BA 9CC2AF1D588F0E8F80A9470680FE0BC015A076835FFA3A69AE 311773A32D27EE30B7EC936FD135E1E7CEEAE73182306B1B7C E2814C5DC76EDB641D4B627642!8401F9FEF2B74995402274C C8B4022DE2963EEF1C50C7E9C29A48A21FECAE0204C06C50FA 032FE5DC3905266280143F7773C950D82669A90B074B6B81BE F5456D353C627049!8405700EA017308124D9D601A1BAAB705 D1241209023E9954C0FEEE13CCE9BCAB709D0C91B5D3C205C6 AFC5FC5E1B95F0E84C6784A832817591E0763D776823498045 1F7C41!8401217B65D42F2B48F69330EAD845B25F9C96300AF F4E4D5A56A7F69930C6CEA2692B18A87C593BA2CA0DE3255D6 6D770E46A49EEFA6DBF3916E8406B3B171D75D4F1C7537!840 151FC735756D00D7707D1F62F03949BB6169F12D920BA819F0 3925A7AB3B59C94C9062539E2CC16DA42A197AC8CE4F25E9E3 40FBCC6E37FA2D72FF0948BC16883F6F7C32!311FFDDEFE955 9EC59AEE2927FA4B87C2A8A9CBFB62280F1B0E47107F39FILE NAME::= TYPE::= text/htmlCHARSET::= windows-1252REASON::= PROFANITYSERVER::= xxx-MAILEND::= REMOVED_BY_THE_EXCHANGE_EMAIL_SCANNING_SERVICE_008 BC5E7_55E9F026D000000 A policy violated content was detected and removed from the original mail entity. You can safely save or delete this replacement attachment.
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    Re: Problem after archiving huge (6GB) mailbox.

    This may or may not apply to you however Outlook 97 - 2002 has a PST (archive) file size limit of 2GB. 2003 and up has a hard limit of 20GB. So if you are having problems that may be the cause depending on which version of office/outlook you are using.
    Two things:
    1) If I wrote something wrong please please please let me know. I want to know ESPECIALLY if I am wrong.
    2) I have a tendency to write things that are misconstrued as being agressive or not so pleasant. That is not my intent.


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      Re: Problem after archiving huge (6GB) mailbox.

      The mail client is OU2007.
      I know about pst size file limit and problems.

      Would like to receive more informative answers to questions.

      Thanks for trying to help.
      "When you hit a wrong note it's the next note that makes it good or bad". Miles Davis


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        Re: Problem after archiving huge (6GB) mailbox.

        that 'garbage' is TRend micro Scanmail for exchange, or similar.
        When you have archived those emails, it has identified them as having inappropriat language in them, and removed those emails or attachments.

        Better tell your boss to wash his mouth out :P

        I'm sorry I can't further assist with your archiving issues. I'd suggest archiving a small amount at a time.. see if that helps
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          Re: Problem after archiving huge (6GB) mailbox.

          thank you very much for the clue.
          Trend Micro for Exchange was deployed on LAN. I am saying was because the central solution now is End Point protection. But TM is still on some servers (kind of stand alone because there is no TM server on LAN but stand alone clients are updated from TM site).
          Definetely, I have to recover previous mailbox.

          I have Exchange store backup right before archiving.
          Also, I have the ost file that is not before archiving.
          I don't know if OST was stripped out by archiving.

          Do you know?

          Also, what will be the easiest way for recovery.
          To mount backup store or to try create pst from OST (I read that it is problematic).

          From your explanation I understand that TM made the nasty job during archiving and not before. Because user says the mails were OK.
          So I have a chance to recover.

          Thanks again for the tip.
          "When you hit a wrong note it's the next note that makes it good or bad". Miles Davis


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            Re: Problem after archiving huge (6GB) mailbox.

            Iíve seen this many times with employees having more than 2 gb in their mailbox. When it goes over the 2gb mark, the emails start to get corrupted. You would have to use a 3rd party program to fix your problem. Here is one link you could read.