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Default font when the font is not installed

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  • Default font when the font is not installed

    One of our clients is having an issue where some e-mails that use a font that
    does not exist on his workstation display the characters as musical notes. If
    you copy and paste the contents of this e-mail in notepad you can see the
    text. You can also do this in Word if you tell it to strip the formatting. If
    you dont strip the formatting it displays the musical notes. This doesn't
    seem to be occurring for other users, just this one. The issue doesn't just
    happen with one specific font either. So far we have noticed it on the fonts
    "Agency FB" and "Franklin Gothic Book" which he doesn't have either
    installed. In the preview of the e-mail he can see the text of the e-mail.
    The user has Windows XP Pro. Office Professional 2007 setup with unicode mode with Exchange 2007. All the latest updates
    are installed. Here is a link to a screen shot of the photo.
    Is there a setting somewhere that can define the default want to be used when displaying an e-mail that uses a font that doesn't exist? I'm only aware of the default fonts for new and reply e-mails as well as the current view.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Default font when the font is not installed

    Out of interest, do you happen to know what font is being displayed in the screenshot?
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      Re: Default font when the font is not installed

      I can't locate any font on the workstation that matches what is displayed. When you copy and past the text into word and keep the formatting you can continue typing and have your characters display as musical notes. If you look at the font in use it will display the correct font name (if you view the e-mail's source in Outlook), two examples are "Agency FB" and "Franklin Gothic Book". These fonts shouldn't display as musical notes though plus these fonts are not installed on the workstation.


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        Re: Default font when the font is not installed

        Have you reinstalled those fonts? Maybe they're corrupt.
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          Re: Default font when the font is not installed

          The fonts in question were never installed on this workstation. That's the issue. Since the fonts are not installed on the workstation Outlook is displaying the text as musical notes. My guess is that since the fonts used by the sender in the e-mail doesn't exist on this workstation Outlook is substituting it with another font. The odd thing is that I can't locate a font on the workstation that represents musical notes. You can reproduce these e-mails by using any font on the sending workstation that doesn't exist on the receiving workstation. So, purchasing and installing every font that a sender chooses to use is not practical.