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GAL / Outlook Contacts - To: searching & autocomplete

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  • GAL / Outlook Contacts - To: searching & autocomplete

    Outlook2003/Exchange 2003

    Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this:

    Outlook needs better integration of searching Outlook Contacts and GAL users w/o extra effort from the end user.

    Some behaviors:

    - Even if I set another contact list with SMTP email addresses (PF, Outlook Contacts) to first in the search order, the autocomplete still only works on Exchange accounts.

    - Autocomplete for 'contacts' does work *after* the entries are cached once.

    - The search order does not actually change display preference of the autocompleted items, nor do you have a way of searching multiple entries that aren't:

    a) cached at autocomplete
    b) manually selected locations with the "show names from the" field

    Ok, so autocomplete and search don't seem to be helping... What would you do for users with about HALF of their contacts being Outlook 'contacts' and HALF being 'exchange users'.

    Are they heavily reliant on autocomplete's caching?

    If searching, will they have to select from the drop down menu each time, if they're not using their "default" (show this address list first)

    Some things I've looked into:

    - Copying exchange users into the address book (manual, won't work over long term)
    - Public folders with contacts in them (no help, and I read the post on not being able to reference the GAL in your contacts folder)
    - Server-level contacts (no help)
    - 3rd party addons that replace Outlook's contact mgmt

    Any ideas? I used Outlook heavily back in the Exchange 5.0/5.5 days, been working on other things until now. At least Petri is still around

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    Shorter version -

    Is there any way a user can search Exchange users AND smtp/contact users from To: (without having to use dropdown menu).


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      Okay, I think I may have found a solution... third party program.

      Found this article - great site btw: Making the Exchange Server GAL Portable

      There are tons of related solutions, but I chose this program..


      I'm still very interested in hearing about other solutions to the problem, or other ways people have dealt with this. The CDOLive scripts look nice too. Hope this helps someone else searching this messageboard like I was.


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        Thanks for sharing!


        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services